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Working Papers

Supporting Innovation Through Government Procurement in Developed Countries


The developed countries have an improved protective government procurement system, which imposes restrictions on non-GPA foreign suppliers by various methods.

Pharmaceutical Technology Upgrading Calls for Strengthened Patent System and Innovations


The innovations of pharmaceutical technology are highly dependent on the patent system which is unable to fully reflect the features and demands of pharmaceutical innovations.

Development and Prospects for the Theory of Stable Allocations in China


The report briefly introduces the background, development and model of the theory of stable allocations and reviews its application.It has made suggestions on the application of the theory of stable allocations in domestic education, employment, medical treatment, scientific research, and cadre selection and appointment.

Development Stages and Innovation Models for Industrial Technology in China


The report analyzes the characteristics of China’s technological innovation at various stages and studies, by category, the innovation model with Chinese characteristics.

Optimize Innovation Environment and Patterns to Boost Implementation of Innovation-driven Strategy


The report analyzes the main factors restricting China's industrial technology innovation and introduces the development of international innovation policies.

Join Forces to Promote the Innovation of the Mobile Phone Industry


The current domestic intellectual property system in China has difficulties adapting to the development of the mobile phone industry. China should improve the intellectual property system, protect the innovation results of the mobile phone industry, and guide enterprises to build alliances in patents, standards, and research and development.