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An Analysis of China's Strategy for Future Energy Development


Energy issue is of strategic importance affecting China's overall economic and social development that needs systematic planning and far-sighted deliberation.

Some Major Social Risks Facing China and How They Might be Addressed


China has long recognized that sustainability means not just environmental sustainability, but political, social, and economic sustainability.

Strategies for Financial Deregulation in China


China has made significant progress towards financial sector deregulation via liberalizing bank lending rates, expanding the QFII quota, increasing the flexibility of the exchange rate, and developing innovative financial products

Analysis and Policy Options for Addressing Hidden Risks in Current Real Estate Market


Since the comprehensive reform of the housing system implemented in 1998 in China, the housing sector has become increasingly market-oriented, with investment rising prominently and supply expanding rapidly.

Relevant Discussions on the Downward Trend of China's Potential Economic Growth


Recently there have been some heated discussions on the downward trend performance of the Chinese economy, with some people worrying that the country may fall into the "middle income trap".

E-commerce: A Promoter for the Transformation and Upgrading of Chinese Economy


E-commerce drives forward the transformation of the Chinese economy by exerting its impacts in two aspects, namely stimulating domestic demand and changing the direction of investment.