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Basic Approach and Major Measures for Optimized Allocation of Powers and Responsibilities between Central and Local Governments


The allocation of powers and responsibilities among the governments refers to how governments at all levels allocate and exercise different powers and responsibilities under the national public power system.

Development of China's HR Service Industry:Major Existing Problems and Policy Options


In recent years, with its diversifying service scopes and contents and its growing ability to serve the economic and social development, the HR (human resource) service industry has constantly expanded in China, playing an important role in boosting employment.

Expediting the Development of Clean Gas Energy: An Important Option for China’s Sustainable Development Strategy


Expediting clean gas energies can effectively ease enormous pressures arising from energy security.

Enhance Grain Production Capacity to Ensure National Food Security


It is an eternal social rule that a nation will enjoy peace when people have sufficient clothing and food and the granaries are full.

Comparative Advantage Changes and Export Strategy Adjustment of China


Comparative advantage refers to the fact that a country can produce a product with lower opportunity cost than another product and thus can focus on products and export products with even lower opportunity cost to participate in the international division of labor.

Restructuring, Deleveraging and Keeping the Bottom Line: Measures Contributing to the Smooth Economic Performance


In the first half of 2013, the pace of China's economic growth slowed down, but remained within the expected range.

The Chinese Economy Has Entered a Key Stage of Growth Transition


Over the past three decades, the Chinese economy has witnessed an average annual growth of 9.8%, 6 percentage points higher than global growth in the same period.

Future Financial Reform Should Be Focused on Financial Infrastructure Construction


The financial industry is deemed as a "contract-intensive industry".