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China's Economic Performance Enters a Period of Readjustment Featured by a New Mode of Development


In 2011, the macro-control was focused on bringing inflation and price rise under control. The effects of these measures showed up evidently in 2012.

Major Features of China's National Strategic Regional Plans


As an important means for spatial regulation, the regional plans generally refer to the overall arrangement of the social and economic development and comprehensive land regulation in a specific region according to its development conditions and existing problems.

Transformation of Growth Mode of the Manufacturing Industries


Currently, China is at a crucial stage for transformation of its development mode.

"Five Lacks": Root Cause for Inadequate Innovation Capability of Large SOEs


The lack of stimulation refers to inadequate innovation stimulation in most large SOEs.

The Transformation and Development of China's Textile Enterprises


In recent years, the output value and the profit growth of China's textile industry have been decreasing on a yearly basis.

Cultivated Land Protection in the Course of Urbanization: Challenges and Policy Options


Since the reform and opening up, China's economic and social progress has developed continuously and rapidly, and the level of urbanization has been improved significantly.

Development of China's Labor Service Dispatching Industry: Issues and Solutions


Labor service dispatching is otherwise known as human resource dispatch, talent dispatch, talent leasing or employee leasing.

Policy Options on Scientifically and Reasonably Developing Cloud Water Resources


Cloud water resources refer to the total of liquid and solid water in the atmosphere that can be directly developed and utilized through artificial intervention.