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Two excerpts from research reports*


Agricultural production. A preliminary forecast of the Ministry of Agriculture indicates that due to snowfalls this spring, growth of seedlings in the major wheat-growing areas is rather disappointing.

The Reform and Management of SOEs: Latest Evaluation and Suggestions from 1,000 SOE Managers


The Chinese Entrepreneurs Survey System under the Personnel Centre of the Development Research Centre of the State Council and the Research Department of China Enterprises Federation jointly organized and implemented the “2000: A survey by questionnaires among 1,000 SOE managers”.

Research Report on the Current Financing Situation of Privately-owned Enterprises1


Recently, the author carried out a field study in four regions, namely, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang, on the financing situation of non-state enterprises (NSEs).

Analysis and Judgement about Several Problems Concerning Current Income Distribution


The issue of income distribution is one of the social problems attracting attention from all social circles.

Rural Tax and Administrative Fees Reform: A Major System Innovation since the Policy of Contracting Outputs to Farm Households was Adopted1


In the latter half of the 1990s, the income growth of farmers faced an unprecedented difficult situation.

Establishing a Complete Public Finance and Taxation Supervision System


The Necessity of Establishing a Complete Public Finance and Taxation Supervision System

New Features and the Recent Development Trend of the Economic Growth in China


Basic Situation of the Macro Economy in China

Basic Assessment of China’s Economic Development During the 9th Five-Year Plan Period


During the 9th Five-Year Plan period, China’s economy maintained a rapid growth, which increased the overall national strength and ensured a better-off life for the people as a whole.

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