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Promote Strategy-based Hydropower Development in Western Region


Never before has China's energy issue aroused so much concern by the public and the reasons are as follows.

Economic Performance in the First Half of 2007 and Analysis of Major Issues


Since January 2007, investment has mounted up again at a slower pace,consumption has become increasingly brisk,and the domestic demand has speeded up at a higher level.

Analyses and Proposals on Current Problems Related to China's Rural Economy


As a result of production increase for three consecutive years, the gap between supply and demand of grain in China has been greatly reduced.

Analysis of the Economic Situation in the First Half of 2007 and Forecast for Economic Performance in the Latter Half of the Year*


In the first half of 2007,the national economy continued to maintain a rapid growth with a total GDP of 10676.8 billion yuan,a year-on-year increase of 11.5%,accelerating by 0.5 percentage points(Figure 1).

Enhancing the Basic Role of Knowledge Innovation in the Innovation System


Knowledge innovation refers to the process of acquiring new knowledge of natural science and technology through scientific research (including basic research and applied research).

New Opportunities for China's Industrial Upgrading and Recommended Strategies and Policies


Currently, China is undergoing a very crucial period of transforming its mode of economic growth.

Basic Framework of China's Oil Reserve System


Establishing China's oil reserve system is an important policy measure to maintain national energy security.

The Status Quo, Problems and Development Trends of Private Equity in China


Private equity investment, which is called PE (Private Equity) for short, refers to a kind of investment into non-listed equity or non-publicly traded equity (private equity) of listed companies.

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