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Studies on New Changes of Comparative Advantages in China


This book explains the theory of dynamic comparative advantage and develops the idea of export structure upgrades.

Research on the Theory, Methods and Practice of Public Policy Estimate


China's governmental offices have come up with many policies since the reforms and opening-up started and many have been effective and have played their role in the country's social and economic development.

Reports on China’s Industrial Development 2012


This book lays out the research findings from 2011.The book is an important reference covering the latest trends in China’s industrial development.

New Growth Pole in West China


The book includes plans for the new district's overall layout. It discusses backup conditions and insurance measures concerning resource use, ecologic environmental protection, social development, financial exchange and management.

Key Words in China’s Economy 2009


This book uses popular key words to explain pertinent social development trends. This is the first time book like this has used key words in such a way in China.

China Development Review (Chinese-English)


China Development Review (English-Chinese) includes recent research achievements made by the DRC. It mainly focuses on major issues of China’s economic and social development, and provides related policy recommendations.

Survey in Rural China (I, II)


The book contains a large amount of firsthand data, which reflect the economic and social development of rural China, as well as questionnaires from major surveys.

China Economics from a Global View


This book is a collection of work from Lu Zhongyuan who has been engaging in research and leadership work in economics for a long time and has a profound understanding of and insights into China’s policies since China’s reform and opening-up.

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