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Deng Yusong

The policy proposals for regulating and developing China's credit rating sector


Credit rating sector is a part and parcel of social credit system in a modern market economy.

Growth rate in energy demand will slow down while high price will be sustained


The first three quarters saw rapid growth in energy production and demand. Prices, especially those of oil and coal, kept soaring. In the fourth quarter, increase rate in the demand for energy will drop, but prices will remain high.

Energy production increases rapidly and supply remains tight


In the first half of this year, energy production and demand continue to grow rapidly. Energy prices rise by a big margin.

Analysis on energy market in China in the first quarter of 2004


Both energy production and consumption maintained rapid growth in the first quarter of 2004. In some areas, the supply of electricity was still short of demand; in coal market weak supply faced an excessive demand, and price rising was overwhelming.

Growth rate in energy demand will decline in 2005 and supply-demand situation will be improved


In 2004, driven by a strong demand, the production of energy grew rapidly; the import of major energy products was increased significantly while export was reduced markedly.

Thoughts and measures on improving China's price reforms


By Deng Yusong, research fellow,Market Economy Institute, DRC, Report No 122, 2013 (Total 4371)

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