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Establishment of Regional Capital Market: Vital to Development of Hi-tech Industry


Experiences of foreign countries have proved that, in technological development system, transformation of technology into commodities is most time and money consuming.

Some Issues on Temporary Migration of Rural Laborers and Policy Implications


The massive migration of Chinese farmers into urban areas to look for jobs since the country’s initiation of reforms is not the permanent migration of population along with the change of their registered permanent residences.

Measures for Preventing and Alleviating Employment Contradictions after China's Entry into the WTO


Various contradictions in China’s employment sector have become extremely dominant in recent years and have seriously affected the country’s economic and social life.

Macro economy Warming Up & WTO Entry Bringing About Opportunities and Challenges


The Chinese Enterprise Managers Survey System of the Information Center under the Development and Research Center of the State Council launched a “Questionnaire Survey of Chinese Enterprise Managers”.

Consummate the Credit Guarantee System for SMEs


Since the trial work on credit guarantee for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) was started in late 1998, it has been developing rapidly.

Policy Proposals for Large State-owned Investment Companies Participating in Reduction of State-owned Shares


At present, suggested means for the reduction of state shares mainly include sale, repurchase and auction.

Restructuring of China’s Listed Companies: Achievements and Problems


China’s listed companies have a history of merely 10 years. So far, the total number of listed companies in China is only a little more than 1,000.

Market-Driven Investment in Infrastructure and Operation of State-Owned Capital


During the Ninth Five-Year Plan period, China scored unprecedented achievements in infrastructural construction.

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