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China to Face Growth Slowdown and Growth Model Change after a "Squeezed" Growth


How long can China maintain its growth momentum after experiencing a 30-year-long fast growth?

Countermeasures for Alleviating Serious Water Shortage in Beijing


Extreme shortage of water resources is the stern fact for water supply in Beijing.

Difficulties Currently Hampering the Growth of Private Enterprises


From August 6 to September 6, 2011, 1,166 valid questionnaires responded to "A Questionnaire-based Follow-up Survey of China's Private Entrepreneurs, 2011" sponsored by CESS (China Entrepreneurs Survey System), Human Resources Study and Training Center of the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC).

Policy Options for Facilitating the Industrial Transformation and Upgrading in Costal Regions of Southeast China


As vanguards of economic development in China, provinces and municipalities in costal regions of Southeast China have attached great importance in recent years to the role of innovation in advancing industrial transformation and upgrading.

An Analysis of National Intellectual Property Strategy Implementation


In the past three years since China promulgated the national intellectual property strategy, the country has scored marked progress in the field of intellectual property.

Be Vigilant against China's Declining Food Security Capacity


China has scored the best achievements in grain production in the first decade of this century.

Structural Inflation Might Follow the Whole Course of Urbanization in China


Recently, whether China has entered into the era of "high inflation" has become the focal point among various sides.

Accelerating the Construction of New Bases for Economic Growth


China's economic growth is estimated to continue a downturn performance in 2012.

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