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Gao Shiji

Ecological Progress Calling for Pollution Control


The 18th CPC National Congress included ecological progress construction into the "Five-in-One" layout of socialism with Chinese characteristics and put forward the ambitious goal of building a beautiful China.

Government Regulation of Infrastructure


Government Regulation of Infrastructure:Institution Design and Capacity Building

Overview State Building from US Social Security System Development


Starting from the set-up of a welfare system for Civil War veterans and dependents, the US federal government has gradually got involved in the social security system, which before was the responsibility of private charity organizations and local government.

Advisory on Environmental Regulation under Streamline Administration and Institute Decentralization


The State Council has canceled or handed over some administration approval projects to local governments, initiating enterprises' investment, which could cause environmental pollution.

Regulatory Failure


Widespread haze in most regions of China has caused public attention, reminding everyone of the urgency of solving environmental degradation problems.