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Industrial Economy

Trend and policy inspirations: Logistics innovation in developed countries (No 41, 2015)


Developed countries have witnessed a diversified and deep innovation of logistics industry since 1980s.

Stimulate the vitality of market participants to help movie industry "go global" (No 40, 2015)


The strategy of "going global" for culture industry plays an important role in achieving industrial transformation and upgrading.

Ways for coal industry to get off the hook through reform (No 22, 2015)


Since 2012, the economic benefit of coal industry has been largely decreased and coal enterprises have fallen into predicaments across the board and met with a number of obstacles.

Industrial commons: a new tool sharpening the competitive edge of industrial clusters (No 4, 2015)


The industrial commons is a system that supports the development of related industrial groups.

Suggestions on accelerating industrial development in national high-tech zones (No 2, 2015)


China's national high-tech zones, with their policy advantages in technology R&D, personnel introduction, and industrial distribution, have provided a good external environment for new, high-tech industries.

Cause and effect on 3-tier collective ownership in rural areas (No 169, 2014)


The rural collective ownership came into being during the agricultural production cooperation period when there was a 2-tier system characterized by unified operations and separate management of the cooperatives and production teams.

China's pawn industry: Status quo, challenges and policy suggestions (No 172, 2014)


Pawning is one of the most important financial services in China.

Strategic thinking on industrial structure optimization in Hebei province (No 142, 2014)


Hebei's industrial structural optimization and upgrade is for the entire province.