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Macro Economy

To solve the structural contradiction, improve investment environment and promote the sustained and stable economic growth


The slackening of the economic growth rate seems to be caused by demand constraints on the surface, but actually lies in the structural contradiction at the deep level.

The macro economic policy analysis and prospect for 2001 to 2002


With regard to the macro economic policy in 2001, the guideline of expanding domestic demand was adhered to, and at the same time, great effort was made to rectify the market economic order and speed up change in government function and way of management.

Positive changes are taking place in the features of China’s economic operation


In contrast with the doldrums of the world economy, China's economy continued a stable growth in 2001 with the support of expansion in domestic support.

Pulling by domestic demand, export expansion and net export growth


In the framework of the simple Keynesian Multiplier model, the contribution by export expansion and net export growth to economic growth was discussed.

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