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China’s Land System and Population Birth


In China’s development during the past 50 years, a number of significant policy errors have caused serious imbalances between population growth and land resources.

Some Policy Suggestions Concerning Returning Arable Land to Forest on the Loess Plateau and Control of Soil Erosion


To return arable land to forests, control soil erosion and restore ecological balance is in essence a readjustment of relationship between mankind and nature, which is an arduous and complicated task.

Development Characteristics and Industrial Organisation of China’s Computer Industry


The computer industry in China has experienced about four stages of development from introducing computer technology from the former USSR to forming a relatively complete computer industry system at present.

Establishing a Credit Guarantee System for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China by Borrowing Helpful Experience


Characteristics of the Credit Guarantee Systems for SMEs in the United States, Japan and Taiwan Province of China

Issues Concerning the “System of Legal Entity at Multiple Levels” during the Restructuring of the Petroleum Corporation


During the reform of enterprises over the past 20 years and more, many of the large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises have been transformed into companies operating under a system of legal entities at multiple levels.

It is Necessary to Step up Construction of the System for Venture Capital


In our discussion about the mechanism for venture capital, we have put our emphasis of study on policy measures.

Construction of Rapid Urban Rail Transit Systems as an Important Aspect of Boosting the Domestic Demand


Necessity in Speeding up Construction of Rapid Rail Transit Systems in Large Cities

Characteristics, Origins and Influences of China's Balance of International Payments Equilibrium


The issue of balance of international payments equilibrium is one of the four major frontier subjects in the study of macro-economy.

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