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Analysis of Economic Situation in First Quarter of 2007 and Trend of Economic Performance in First Half of 2007


From the beginning of the year, some new characteristics have turned up in China's economic growth.

China's Sustainable Development in the New Phase


China has entered a new development phase at the turn of the 21st century, which involves the transition from the realization of the second-step strategic goal to the third-step strategic deployment.

Improve Fiscal and Tax Systems and Policies and Promote Transformation of Economic Growth Mode


The first 20 years of this century will experience a new period for China's development, during which the country is comprehensively building a well-off society.

Current Situation, Problems and Suggestions on Independent Innovation of State-Owned Enterprises


In 2005, the industrial added value of state-owned and state holding enterprises reached RMB 2,606.3 billion yuan.

Technological Innovation:Experience and Inspiration from Sample Enterprises


In this article, we select 11 sample enterprises to analyze their innovation effort and experience and put forward some suggestions.

Distribution and Management of Government Fundfor Science and Technology Activities


The fund for science and technology (S&T) activities refers to the money raised for S&T services, research and development (R&D), research result application and other activities or refers to the actual spending on these activities.

China's Producer Services Industry: Its Connotation, Development Level and Internal Structure*


Producer services have become the focus of current industrial international competition and major value-added and profit point in the global value chains (GVC).

Harmonious Society and Rural Social Security System


Rural social security system is a system established at a specific stage of social development with rural residents as the insured subjects and social security beneficiaries.

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