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Promoting Resolution of the Issues Concerning Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers through Industrialization, Urbanization and Marketization*


What we are discussing at this forum is not only a crucial task for building a well-off society in an all-round way, but a substantive issue for achieving industrialization and modernization and gradually eliminating the dual structure in urban and rural economy.

Basic Judgments on Economic Situation between 2003 and 2004and Relevant Policy Recommendations


During the first three quarters of 2003, despite impact of SARS, GDP growth rate still reached as high as 8.5%.

Judgment and Suggestions on Drastic Change ofCurrent Credit Situation


The balance of loans of all financial institutions stood at RMB 1,589 billion as of the end of June 2003, up 22.9 per cent year-on-year.

Revitalizing the Old Industrial Bases in Northeast ChinaCalls for New Ways of Thinking and Strategic Measures


The issue of the old industrial bases in northeast China was put forward as early as the 1980s and some work concernedhasbeen done since then.

Accelerate the Readjustment of Distribution and Structure of State-owned Economy (Abridged)


Although we have made some progress in the readjustment of distribution and structure of state-owned economy, the progress as a whole is not satisfying.

In Drafting a National Long and Medium-term Science and Technology Plan Attention should be Paid to the Building of an Intellectual Property Right System


At present, the leading group of national science and technology is organizing a strategic research on the national long and medium-term program for science and technology.

China Is in Dire Need of An Effective Inter-regional Coordination Mechanism


Under the powerful push of a sustained fast economic growth, China has entered a stage of rapid urbanization.

Suggestions on Improving the Policy of Social Credit System


Most transactions of modern market economy are based on credit, and the economic relation among social members is also mainly based on credit.

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