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The Formation of New Strategic Regions: Future Pillars for China’s Economic Growth


This book takes the main form of special reports. An overall research framework on new strategic regions to support China’s future economic growth is given in the first part.

The Road to Settle Down in Cities: Approaches and Policies on Urbanized Agricultural Population


This book has six chapters and three specific topics.

An Analysis for An Equitable and Sustainable Welfare System


After more than three decades of development since the introduction of reform and opening up, China has established a social welfare system that has underpinned the country’s economic growth and societal stability.

Study on the Mechanism and Policy of Green Development


Green development is a complex and systematic engineering and a long-term task, involving economic, social and industrial development and scientific and technological progress, etc.

Urbanized Agricultural Population: Roadmap and Policy Options


The book The Roadmap and Policy Options for Urbanized Agricultural Population is written by Jin Sanlin.

Research on the Methodology of Reform and Advancing Mode


The book Research on the Methodology of Reform and Advancing Mode is written by Wei Jianing and Wang Yingying.

Research on Investment and Financing Mechanism for Infrastructure of "One Belt and One Road" Initiative


This book is based on the research findings of DRC’s project The Investment and Financing Mechanism for Promoting Cross-Border Infrastructure Inter-connectivity in China.

Outlook on China’s Next-decade (2015-2024) Economic Growth: Scaling Efficiency Heights


This book is the third part of outcomes by the research team on “China’s next-decade economic growth outlook”.