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Building the Policy Framework for Cultivating New Professional Farmers in China(No.68, 2016)


The policy system for cultivating new professional farmers at national level has not yet formed.

The Development Strategy on Utilizing Foreign Investment in Light of China's Increased Economic Power(No.67, 2016)


China has absorbed the largest amount of FDI for over 20 consecutive years.

Research on Overseas Regional Economic and Trade Cooperation under the Guidance of the Belt and the Road Initiative(No.66, 2016)


China’s overseas economic and trade cooperation zone consists of manufacturing areas, industrial zones and science & technology industrial parks which will play a driving role for the clustered development of surrounding areas.

Research on Construction of Cooperation Mechanism between China and Countries along the One Belt and One Road Routes(No.65, 2016)


The One Belt and One Road Initiative launched by China has received high concern from the international community and it has gradually become a common consensus among countries along the region and they have accordingly put in a lot of work to realize the initiative.

The Development Trend of Trade in Goods between China and Countries along the " One Belt and One Road" Routes: Analysis and outlook(No.64, 2016)


Countries along the "One Belt and One Road" routes have become China’s most important or key export markets in the implementation of free trade strategy, whereas China is not yet the main export market for these countries and most of them have not taken China as the major country to sign FTA with.

Accelerating the Development of Biodiesel Industry: Suggestions and Countermeasures(No.63,2016)


Biodiesel is a bio-liquid fuel with waste oil and oil-bearing crops, like "gutter oil", as raw materials.

The Cultivation of World-Class Multinational Corporations: A Major Target during the New-Round of Reform of SOEs(No.62, 2016)


Cultivating the key state-owned enterprises with international competitiveness is to cultivate world-class multinational corporations, which boast the ability to integrate the global resources and guide and drive the growth of domestic industry, with a leading position in international industrial competition.

The Management of International Talents in China: Characteristics and Suggestions(No.61, 2016)


After China’s economic development entered the state of new normal featured by a moderate growth, the growth momentum of the economy will change from a "demographic dividend" and "local-talents dividend"-based one to a "talents dividend" and "international-talents dividend"-based one.