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Transformation of Local Financing Companies: Approaches and Policy Options


Local financing companies are a key type of local state-owned enterprises. Some are successfully transformed and become supportive force for urban development while others are facing difficulties for further performance.

Facilitating Expanded and Improved Development of China's Service Industry


During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China's economic development would enter the stage of new normal.

Review of the Development of China's Service Industry and Development Approaches and Goals of the 13th Five-Year Plan (No 183, 2015)


During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China's service industry has made a series of achievements and breakthroughs.

Organization and Policies of Demand-oriented Research in Basic Research (No 182, 2015)


"Demand-orientation" in basic research focuses its emphasis on solving economic and social problems instead of exploring new knowledge as the foremost goal.

Features, Organization Forms and Implications: US Local Governments' Support for Basic Research (No 181, 2015)


The attribute of basic research as a kind of public goods determines that the central government should undertake the major function of funding.

Establish an Information Disclosure System for State-Owned Enterprises (No 180, 2015)


Relevant facts both from home and abroad indicate that information disclosure in state-owned enterprises.

Transformation and Innovation in China's Alcohol Circulation Channels (No 179, 2015)


China's alcohol industry is at a critical period of transformation and innovation.

Strengthen China's Recycling and Reusing of Solid Waste (No 176, 2015)


The recycling and reusing of solid waste can effectively save resources and energies, thus reducing pollution.