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Features, Organization Forms and Implications: US Local Governments' Support for Basic Research (No 181, 2015)


The attribute of basic research as a kind of public goods determines that the central government should undertake the major function of funding.

Establish an Information Disclosure System for State-Owned Enterprises (No 180, 2015)


Relevant facts both from home and abroad indicate that information disclosure in state-owned enterprises.

Transformation and Innovation in China's Alcohol Circulation Channels (No 179, 2015)


China's alcohol industry is at a critical period of transformation and innovation.

Strengthen China's Recycling and Reusing of Solid Waste (No 176, 2015)


The recycling and reusing of solid waste can effectively save resources and energies, thus reducing pollution.

Reform of China's Grain Price Policy: Approaches and Policy Options (No 175, 2015)


Increasingly serious problems such as large stocks of grain and soaring import volume have underlined the urgency of reform of grain price policy regarding temporary grain reserves.

Prominent Problems Facing Rural E-commerce Development and Policy Options (No 174, 2015)


Rural e-commerce has witnessed a swift development in recent years.

Adjustment in Liquor Industry Shows Initial Effects, and Industrial Transformation and Upgrading Need Policy Innovation (No 173, 2015)


After the throes of profound demand and market adjustments from 2013 to 2014, adjustments in liquor industry have shown initial effects.

The Transfer and Scale Operation of China's Rural Land:Characteristics and Development Trend (No 172, 2015)


With the swift non-agricultural process of rural population and labor force, the transfer of rural land has sped up significantly.