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Innovation Development

How government promotes technological innovation through the market (No 136, 2014)


The Third Plenary Session of the 18th Party Central Committee proposed that government improve its market technological innovation mechanism.

Improve operating mechanism of industrial technology alliance


An industrial technology alliance is one of the most common organizational forms in some market economy countries to work for a technological breakthrough.

Problems and countermeasures on China's mobile e-commerce


China's mobile e-commerce has developed rapidly in the Internet age and is doing business via mobile phones and influencing people's consumer patterns and payment methods.

Impact of China's foreign trade growth on the global economy


China has moved up and has become more important in global trade over the past 30 years.

US technology policy for electric vehicle industry


When the United States is considering passing laws on technology for electric vehicles, it gets the country's top institutions, the Congress, various departments, and enterprises involved.

Constraints and Stimulation Together in Environmental Protection


Environmental protection in China is encountering two major problems -- insufficient controls and underutilized economic means.

Supporting Innovation Through Government Procurement in Developed Countries


The developed countries have an improved protective government procurement system, which imposes restrictions on non-GPA foreign suppliers by various methods.

Automobile market: rising demand and falling price in 2005


In 2004, substantial changes showed up in automobile market and related industrial policies in China.