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Wang Peiheng

Zhongguancun's Exploring and Practice


The professionals special zone is a concept of the economic special zone for profesionals, and it is also an experimental area for the mechanism reform and policy innovation of the development of professionals in China.

Research on Companies' Hiring conditions


In order to learn about current hiring conditions, the targeted measures will be formulated to help solve the problems.

Research on Civil Servants' Stress and Their Psychological Conditions


Research shows that the stress of working is not the main cause of their psychological health problems.

Main Problems for Foreign Professionals


Nowadays, introductory work for foreign professionals still has problems in that working procedures are not well regulated enough, legal construction lags behind, supervision and management is quite backward.

Exploring and Enlightenment of Zhongguancun's Professionals Special Zone Construction


Since the start of construction in the professionals special zone in Zhongguancun, Beijing, in 2011, great progress has been made with an improvement in their support system, exploring new modes of service companies, and establishing a good environment conducive to innovation and business start-ups for all kinds of professionals.