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Working Papers

Transformation and Development of Coal Cities in Inner Mongolia and Shannxi Provinces:Relevant Approaches and Policy Options


The basic approach is to fully unleash values of coal resources including fuels and raw materials, make breakthroughs in non-fossil fuels by category, shift the focus of development from city construction onto city services and lay emphasis on warding off the risks of corporate withdrawal.

Suggestions on Promoting Overall Listing of SOEs --Views on Shanghai’s Experience for SOEs’ Overall Listing Reform


Overall listing is a crucial measure for deepening state-owned enterprises’ (SOEs) reform, which will help promote the corporate governance reform of SOEs, resolve fundamentally the problem of reversed shareholding structure and formulate a driver mechanism for continuously advancing reform.

Two Types of Companies Should Guard against Five Development Trends


The two types of companies undertake multiple reform tasks of transforming state asset management mechanisms by prioritizing capital management.

Take the Opportunity of Dual Reform to Promote Sound Development of Salt SOEs


Generally speaking, under the monopoly system, salt SOEs are relatively stagnant in conducting self-reform.

Transformation of Local Financing Companies: Approaches and Policy Options


Local financing companies are a key type of local state-owned enterprises. Some are successfully transformed and become supportive force for urban development while others are facing difficulties for further performance.

Establish an Information Disclosure System for State-Owned Enterprises (No 180, 2015)


Relevant facts both from home and abroad indicate that information disclosure in state-owned enterprises.

Major Influencing Factors for Enterprise Innovation in China and Policy Options (No 150, 2015)


This paper is taken from the third part of "Research Report on the Growth and Development of Chinese Entrepreneurs 2015".

Difficulties and Problems Facing China's Corporate Innovation (No 149, 2015)


This paper is taken from the second part of "Research Report on the Growth and Development of Chinese Entrepreneurs 2015".