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Working Papers

Establishing a Risk-oriented Tax Collection and Management Information Platform Based on Big Data(No.150, 2016)


The arrival of big data era has brought about plenty of difficulties and challenges for tax collection and management, but it also provides hardwon opportunities for the upgrading and transformation of tax collection and management model.

Further Improving the Application of Third-Party Information in Tax Collection and Management(No.149, 2016)


As a late starter, China’s taxation informatization and the application of third-party information in tax collection and management is still quite premature.

Policy Options on Promoting Economic Transformation and Upgrading by Enhancing IT Application during 13th Five-Year Plan Period(No.40, 2016)


IT-based manufacturing industry has become a vital part of national competitiveness.

The Development of High-speed Railway in the World and Its Impact on Industrial Economy and Technology(No 63, 2015)


Since the first railway in the world was put into use in 1825, various countries have vied with each other to break the maximumtrain speed records.

High-speed Railway: A Crucial Approach to Transforming China’s Economic Development Model(Special Issues, No 64, 2015)


China’s high-speed railway construction has now made remarkable achievements.The pattern of four vertical and four horizontal high-speed railroads has basically taken shape, covering 90 per cent of China’s population.

High-speed Communication Technology: A Must for China’s High-speed Railway(Special Issues, No 65, 2015)


The railway communication system is an integrated and complete communication system especially for offering audio, visual and digital communication services for transportation and operation management.

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