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Working Papers

The Current Situation and Future Development of China's Enterprise Innovation (No 148, 2015)


This paper is taken from the first part of "Research Report on the Growth and Development of Chinese Entrepreneurs 2015".

Suggestion on Deepening the Three SOEs' Structure Reforms (No 116, 2015)


There are three factors affecting the three SOEs' structure reforms.

Further Strengthen Board Building of State-owned Enterprises (No 111, 2015)


Board building of state-owned enterprises under direct administration of government is the focus in corporate governance reform.

Further Promote SOE Staff Stock Ownership (No 100, 2015)


Staff stock ownership constitutes the main part of mixed ownership reform for state-owned enterprises as well as a major approach to establishing a long and medium-term incentive mechanism and improving corporate governance.

Promoting regional financing platforms transformation into companies (No 7, 2015)


Assets of regional financing platforms account for more than half of local government assets.

Pushing forward greater mixed ownership development (No 6, 2015)


China has had some achievements in its mixed ownership economy but there is still a lot to be done.

Comprehending State-owned companies' function of providing social services (No 5, 2015)


The focus of State-owned companies providing social services is their supplies of water, heat, electricity, and logistics.

State-owned assets operating agency's international experiences (No 170, 2014)


Temasek, Norway Government Pension Fund Global and EDF Group are representatives of three types of State-owned assets operating institutions.