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Working Papers

China’s Leading Position in Regional Economic Cooperation(No.78, 2016)


Regional economic cooperation will witness the following features.

Giving Full Play to External Innovation Resources to Promote China’s Open-Oriented Innovation(No. 74, 2016)


The policy environment relating to the open-oriented innovation strategy in China needs to be improved.

China’s Foreign Aid Strategy with the Support of a Remarkably Strengthened Economy(No.69, 2016)


Foreign aid is a national policy tool for conducting foreign relations.

The Development Strategy on Utilizing Foreign Investment in Light of China's Increased Economic Power(No.67, 2016)


China has absorbed the largest amount of FDI for over 20 consecutive years.

Research on Overseas Regional Economic and Trade Cooperation under the Guidance of the Belt and the Road Initiative(No.66, 2016)


China’s overseas economic and trade cooperation zone consists of manufacturing areas, industrial zones and science & technology industrial parks which will play a driving role for the clustered development of surrounding areas.

Research on Construction of Cooperation Mechanism between China and Countries along the One Belt and One Road Routes(No.65, 2016)


The One Belt and One Road Initiative launched by China has received high concern from the international community and it has gradually become a common consensus among countries along the region and they have accordingly put in a lot of work to realize the initiative.

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