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Working Papers

An Evaluation of China’s Price Insurance for Agricultural Products


At present China’s price insurance is still in a preliminary and experimental stage, which is not only due to few premium scale and limited pilot regions, but also due to inconclusive product elements and various alternative forms in reality.

Price Insurance for Agricultural Products: International Experience and Relevant Reference


Internationally speaking, income insurance in the United States is the most typical product in planting price insurance.

China’s Price Insurance for Agricultural Products: Five Development Approaches


The following five approaches should be observed in the future development of China’s price insurance for agricultural products.

Principles and Recommendations for Developing China’s Price Insurance for Agricultural Products


During the process of promoting development of China’s price insurance, in addition to observing general principles, following development principles need to be emphasized.

China Should Develop Price Insurance for Agricultural Products in a Big Way


Price insurance is a new type of insurance that compensates for economic loss caused by the lower price of agricultural product than the fixed price or price index.

Issues Relating to China's Monetary Policies: Viewing from the Angle of "Lowering and Raising Interest Rates" System (No 163, 2015)


The system of "raising and lowering interest rates" in the sense of monetary policies especially refers to the fact that the central bank makes adjustments based on equilibrium borrowing and lending prices of inter-bank market monetary base.

Judgment on Banking Performance in the Second Half of the Year and Policy Options (No 162, 2015)


In the first half of 2015, although credit risks of listed banks were continuously revealed, net profits growth rapidly slowed down, and capital adequacy ratio also faced downward pressure.

An Estimation of China's Leverage Ratio (No 168, 2015)


The aim of the report is to make an estimation of China's leverage ratio.