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Working Papers

Current Situation and Changing Trends of Capital Adequacy Ratio of China's Commercial Banks (No 113, 2015)


Capital adequacy ratio (CAR) is one of the key regulatory indicators to judge whether a banking system is sound and stable.

Analysis of Net Interest Margin Changes in China's Banking Sector against the Backdrop of Interest Rate Liberalization (No 112, 2015)


China's interest rate liberalization is remarkably accelerated since 2014, arousing general concern from various quarters about the impact of banks' net interest margin.

Measures for relieving regional financial risks and relevant inspirations: A case study of Wenzhou's financial system (No 88, 2015)


Since 2012, the regular financial system in Wenzhou city has witnessed sustained risks which have loomed up along the enterprise guarantee chain with a large scale.

Inspirations drawn from the practice of compiling consolidated financial statements in Orange County of California (No 81, 2015)


Compiling consolidated financial statements is currently one of the most important parts of China's fiscal reform.

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