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Working Papers

Suggestions on Promoting Distribution Adjustment of State-Owned Capital in China(No. 70, 2016)


The state-owned capital has gradually become concentrated in some major industrial sectors and fields

Tax Reduction Effect of VAT for Business Tax across the Board: An Analysis Based on Input-Output Table(No.73, 2016)


The pilot program of VAT replacing business tax has been advanced across the board.

Operation of the U.S. Public Policy Evaluation System and its Implications(No.43, 2016)


The United States is one of the earliest countries in building up a major public policy evaluation system.

Suggestions on Improving Maternity Insurance System(No.44, 2016)


The major function of maternity insurance system is to reduce the economic burden for families.

Experience Drawn from Australia’s Effort to Ward off Systematic Financial Risks(No.19,2016)


To learn about experience from the Australian financial departments.

Improving Supply and Demand Structure: Key to the Smooth Performance of Automobile Market in 2016


The automobile market continued its slow growth in 2015 with price level declining significantly.

The Development and Experience of the European Emerging Logistics Clusters (No 6, 2016)


Since the turn of the new century, there have been a series of new changes in the logistics clusters and industrial clusters in Europe.

US Natural Gas Policy: Evolvement and Enlightenments(No.2,2016)


Due to factors including surging oil price and US regulation on inter-state natural gas marketing price in 1970s, natural gas shortage occurred in US.