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Working Papers

Transformation and Innovation in China's Alcohol Circulation Channels: Development Trends and Policy Options (No 179, 2015)


China's alcohol industry is at a critical period of transformation and innovation.

Cyber Security in the Market-based Sector (No 167, 2015)


In public service sectors in terms of politics, administration, military affairs and public security, there is strict net security surveillance.

Analysis on Coordinated Application of China's Industry Policies and Competition Policies in the New Era (No 122, 2015)


China has long laid particular stress on industry policy, which has played a significant role in expanding the economic aggregate.

Analysis on Issues Resulting from Abolishing Table Salt Monopoly (No 117, 2015)


If table salt monopoly is abolished, market coverage of iodized salt will fall in the short run.

Analysis and Policy Options on the Performance of Real Estate Market in the Second Half of the Year (No 106, 2015)


Due to the impact of financial preferential policies, house sales in China were notably on the rise.

Car market performance: Increased operational risks along with a continued drop of growth speed (No 20, 2015)


In 2014, China's car market witnessed a transition from high to medium-high growth speed.

Enlightenment in Shenzhen's urban renewal, market-oriented and government guided (No135, 2014, Total 4634)


The key to sustainable urbanization is getting rid of the violent demolition that follows government orders.

Risk analysis of real estate markets and suggestions


As China's real estate business balances supply and demand, the country needs to be cautious about blindly stimulating the market.