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Working Papers

Experience and Implications of China’s Agricultural Restructuring(No.18, 2016)


Since reform and opening-up,the structure of agricultural production in China has gone through profound adjustments along with the change in the internal and external conditions of agricultural production and relevant policy reforms.

Jiaxing’s Efforts to Break the Urban-Rural Dual Structure and Enlightenments(No 178, 2015)


Jiaxing city in Zhejiang province has made efforts to break the urban-rural dual structure and promote an integrated urban and rural development.

Protected Agriculture of the Netherlands, Japan, and Israel: Experience and Policy Options


This is a new approach for them to get rid of unfavorable production conditions and achieve sustained growth.

Reform of China's Grain Price Policy: Approaches and Policy Options (No 175, 2015)


Increasingly serious problems such as large stocks of grain and soaring import volume have underlined the urgency of reform of grain price policy regarding temporary grain reserves.

Prominent Problems Facing Rural E-commerce Development and Policy Options (No 174, 2015)


Rural e-commerce has witnessed a swift development in recent years.

The Transfer and Scale Operation of China's Rural Land:Characteristics and Development Trend (No 172, 2015)


With the swift non-agricultural process of rural population and labor force, the transfer of rural land has sped up significantly.

Raise Resource Allocation Efficiency via Property Right System Reform (No 165, 2015)


The pilot practice of Liupanshui city in Guizhou province in "turning resources into stock rights, funds into share capitals, and farmers into shareholders" has made initial results.

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