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Yuan Dongming

Suggestions on Promoting Distribution Adjustment of State-Owned Capital in China(No. 70, 2016)


The state-owned capital has gradually become concentrated in some major industrial sectors and fields

The Cultivation of World-Class Multinational Corporations: A Major Target during the New-Round of Reform of SOEs(No.62, 2016)


Cultivating the key state-owned enterprises with international competitiveness is to cultivate world-class multinational corporations, which boast the ability to integrate the global resources and guide and drive the growth of domestic industry, with a leading position in international industrial competition.

Evaluation on Innovation Input Intensity of China’s Listed Manufacturing Enterprises (No 12, 2016)


This report takes dual indicators of the corporate R&D input intensity and per capita HR capital input intensity to formulate a double-dimensional model for evaluating a company’s innovation input intensity.

Suggestions on establishing a platform for greater Sino-African cooperation


China and Africa have seen some good results in cooperation.

Suggestions on China's poor quality waste plastics for energy use


The disposal of waste plastics is an environmental problem drawing wide attention in society.