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Yuan Dongming

Further Enhancing the Fundamental Status of the Competition Policy(No.30, 2018)


Competition policy is a principal economic policy implemented by a country’s government to protect and promote market competition.

Suggestions on Promoting Distribution Adjustment of State-Owned Capital in China(No. 70, 2016)


The state-owned capital has gradually become concentrated in some major industrial sectors and fields

The Cultivation of World-Class Multinational Corporations: A Major Target during the New-Round of Reform of SOEs(No.62, 2016)


Cultivating the key state-owned enterprises with international competitiveness is to cultivate world-class multinational corporations, which boast the ability to integrate the global resources and guide and drive the growth of domestic industry, with a leading position in international industrial competition.

Evaluation on Innovation Input Intensity of China’s Listed Manufacturing Enterprises (No 12, 2016)


This report takes dual indicators of the corporate R&D input intensity and per capita HR capital input intensity to formulate a double-dimensional model for evaluating a company’s innovation input intensity.

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