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An Analysis of the Present Macroeconomic Situation and Issues


With various macro-regulative measures gradually coming into force, in the first half of the year China’s economy is developing toward the expected regulative direction.

Macro-control Is Tangible But the Basis Is Unstable ——An analysis of China’s market situation in the first half of 2004


The market operation in the second quarter of 2004 was characterized by a slow increase in investment, credits and price hike, and tangible results in the macro-control policy.

Suggestions on Current Grain Supply and Demand and Grain Policy


In October 2003, a price hike occurred abruptly on the country’s grain market, which had been basically stable in the past years.

An Analysis of the Transmission Mechanism for China’s Monetary Policies (Excerpts)


From the phenomenon of noneffectiveness of the transmission of monetary policies appearing in China in recent years.

A Study on Science and Technology Investment and the Innovative Financial System in China


Although other financing methods have developed rapidly, they are still confined in a limited scale.

The Geographic Layout of China’s Regional Economies


A study on the geographic layout of regional economies should first of all know the overall geographic features of the Chinese economy and the relationship between different regions.

Several Important Issues on Rejuvenating Old Industrial Bases in Northeast China


The seminars raised several issues with significant importance in this regard, which are listed below as proposals to be considered for decision making.

Prospects for China’s Industrial Development in 2004 (Abridged)


Since 2002, growing prosperity of the main industries in China’s industrial field has split up evidently.

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