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How to Give Effective Play to the Decisive Role of the Market in Resource Allocation


Proposing to give play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation is a new breakthrough made by the CPC in its understanding of the law of building socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Deepening Reform, Releasing Impetus and Promoting Social Fairness and Justice


The reform and opening-up is a key move determining the future of contemporary China, and is also a key move for the realization of the "two centenary goals".

Facilitating Smooth Economic Transition toward a New Normal Growth: Ensuring Stable Investment, Laying Emphasis on Quality and Forestall Financial Risks


In the first half of 2014, under the joint impact of short-cycle adjustment and the medium and long-term growth transition at present stage, the economy was under increased downward pressure.

Analysis of Enterprise Questionnaire Survey on Export Growth during the First Half of 2014


A total of 546 questionnaires had been received from the survey on export growth during the first half of 2014.

Optimizing Layout of Innovation Factors for the Promotion of Regional Economic Growth


Since the start of reform and opening-up, the focus of the innovation factors' layout has shifted from China's inland to coastal areas.

Explore the Path of Developing New-type Think Tanks with Chinese Characteristics


Efforts are to be made to enhance the construction of new-type think tanks with Chinese characteristics and promote the building and improvement of a consultative policy system.