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Dynamic Data on China's Macro Economy in 2008


Chinese people united as one and maintained a relatively rapid development of national economy and social affairs.

Restructuring and Upgrading of Processing Trade: Development Trend and Policy Options


China's processing trade, which was initiated in 1979, now accounts for half of the country's foreign trade volume.

City Renewal in the Course of Rapid Urbanization: Problems and Policy Options


China is in a process of rapid urbanization.

Reform of the State-owned Financial Enterprises


China's state-owned financial institutions have, for many years, been the main body of its financial system.

Layout of State-Owned Economy: Changes, Influencing Factors and Outlook


The changes in the proportion of the state-owned economy to the national economy can be roughly divided into two stages.

China's Renewable Energies: Development Trend and Policy Options


China accounts for about one-tenth of world energy consumption and the imported oil products account for about 48% of the country's total consumption of oil products.

Policy Options for Promoting Steady Growth of Real Estate Market


Since 2008, an obvious change showing a downtrend has turned up in China's real estate market performance, bringing about a pronounced decline in volume of commercial housing trade and some drop of price rise.

Accelerating the Development of Electronic Information Industry: An Important Measure for Pushing forward Consumption and Structural Upgrading


At a time when China's economy is showing a downturn, we must intensify all types of investments to stabilize the economy and identify new areas of economic growth to stimulate consumption and the upgrading of the industrial structure.

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