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Trade Facilitation in Regional Trade Arrangement between China, Japan and South Korea


Trade facilitation refers to the simplification and harmonization of international trade procedures and the acceleration of the cross-border flow of factors.

Chinese Corporate social responsibility in Africa: Present State and Proposals


Chinese enterprises' "going global" strategy and their investment and operation in Africa have attracted wide attention in Africa.

Chinese Enterprises' Overseas Acquisitions: Basic Conditions, Overall Evaluation and Policy Options


More and more Chinese enterprises have made overseas investments in recent years.

Views on China's Educational Reform and Development


Since the establishment of the People's Republic of China, great achievements have been made in the development of China's educational undertakings.

Construct the Urban Cluster-Based City and Township System


Urban cluster is an important development trend and the most prominent regional characteristics during the course of urbanization at home and abroad.

China's Intellectual Property Management in Science and Technology


The creation and protection of proprietary intellectual properties in line with systems engineering requires the active cooperation from all government departments.

Chinese Oil Supply and Demand: Status Quo,Prospects and Relevant Counter-Measures


Oil crops are important staple agricultural products of China.

New Energy Industries: Development Principles and Policy Options


The largest wind-power unit capacity has risen from 30KW in the 1980s to 5,000KW.

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