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Explore the Path of Developing New-type Think Tanks with Chinese Characteristics


Efforts are to be made to enhance the construction of new-type think tanks with Chinese characteristics and promote the building and improvement of a consultative policy system.

Accelerating New-type and Reform-Driven Agricultural Modernization with Chinese Features


The promotion of agricultural modernization along with the further development of industrialization, IT application and urbanization is an underlying task related with the establishment of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and the overall construction of modernization.

China's E-commerce Development: Urgent Issues and Countermeasures


Over recent years, the transaction volume of China's e-commerce saw continuous growth, bringing good economic and social effects.

Lewis Turning Point in China's Economy: Judgment and Policy Options —— An analysis based on rural household data from the National Bureau of Statistics


As proposed by Arthur Lewis, founder of Lewis Turning Point theory, the point could divide the development of an economy into two stages.

Breaking through Fund Dilemma and Rebuilding a New Market Order


The capital market has remained in a state of confusion in recent two years.

With the Approaching of New Peak Demand for Urban Housing, Real Estate Industry Shows Tangible Division


The urban housing stock was about 20.6 billion square meters nationwide in 2013.