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Basic Assessment of Current Economic Situation& Policy Suggestions


In our analysis of the economic situation in the first half of 2002, we concluded that the self-growth ability of the Chinese economy1 had become visibly stronger.

A Study on Certain Proportionate Relationships between Investment and Consumption (Excerpts)


Analyzing the factors affecting the changes in the investment-consumption relationship is absolutely necessary to interpreting the causes and mechanism of this relationship and forecasting the future trend of its changes.

Features of China’s Consumer Goods Market and its Development Trend


The consumer goods market in general maintained a steady growth in the year, but the growth rate declined to some extent.

Current Employment Pressure & Ways to Increase Employment


Full employment, economic growth, price stability and balance of payments equilibrium are the four major goals of the governments in various countries to administer the economies.

Industrial Clusters and their Importance to Economic Development


The 16th National Congress of the CPC proposed that China should “braze a new trail for industrialization, featuring high scientific and technological content.

An Analysis of the Features of Regional Socio-economic Development on China’s Mainland


China is a vast country with a territory of 9.6 million square kilometers.

Reform of Government Assets ManagementSystem & Opportunities for Foreign Merger and Acquisition


In 2002, China may overtake the United States to become the world’s largest destination of foreign direct investment.

Informal Financing: An Issue for New Understanding


Informal financing activity refers to informally organized public financial activity outside the governance of the supervision authorities.

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