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Reforming China’s Foreign Economic Management Systems


As an international organization devoted to handling international trade relations, the World Trade Organization (WTO) is in essence designed to restrict the trade policies of its members by various kinds of agreements so as to guarantee liberalization of trade.

Selection of the Target Mode in Reform of Pension Security System and Thoughts on its Implementation


There are a lot of problems in the current pension security system.

Policy Suggestions on Alleviating the Contradiction of Income Distribution during the Tenth Five-Year Plan Period


The rapid economic development since reform and opening-up has greatly raised the living standards of the urban and rural residents.

Meeting the Challenges of the New Century, and Working for a Higher Level of Opening up -- Economic globalization and China


Globalization is a most attractive phenomenon at the turn of the century. However, it is still an open concept without a clear definition up to now.

Thoughts and Policy Proposals for Development of Agriculture and Rural Areas During the 10th Five-Year Plan Period


During the 9th Five-Year Plan period, an overall balance was achieved between the supply and demand of major agricultural products, with the former outgrowing the latter in years of bumper harvests.

Features, Tasks and Difficulties in the New Stage of Rural Economic Development


The emergence of numerous new features in China’s rural economy at the turn of the century indicates that the economy has entered into a new stage of development.

Some Opinions on the Current Situation of Grain


The grain production has maintained a fast growth since 1995.

Economic Restructuring: Government Responsibilities and the Operations of Government Capital


The basic approach of the government in economic restructuring should shift from the traditional one of “state-driven development” to “market buildup”.

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