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Implications of the Rapid Growth of Global International Reserves in Past 37 Years


If the collapse of the Bretton Woods System in 1971 is taken as the demarcation line, the post-war period from 1946 to 2008 can be divided into two periods: the 24-year period from 1946 to 1970 and the 37-year period from 1971 to present.

New Trends of Peasant-Workers Issues and Related Policy Issues


Peasant worker is a special concept that appeared in the course of China's economic and social transformation.

New Ideas Required for Reforming Secondary Businesses of the Large and Medium-sized State-Owned Enterprises


Separating and reforming the secondary businesses of the large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises has been one of China's major policy measures to reform the state-owned enterprises.

Construct an Overall National Pharmaceutical Development Strategy with an Integrated Social and Economic Development


The international pharmaceutical situation shows that there is a great disparity in terms of pharmaceutical production and circulation between China and the developed countries.

Change of Oil and Gas Industry's Mode of Development Is Badly Needed for Coping with Energy Challenges


The oil and gas prices have stayed at a high level in recent years, which has made the strategic pattern of oil and gas in the world become complicated.

Problems to Be Solved in Improving Bio-industry Innovation Capability


Currently, the development of China's bio-industry is still in its initial stage.

Construction of Rural Infrastructure and Public Service System


Rural infrastructure and public service system constitute important support for the development of agriculture and rural economy.

Impacts of Introducing Real Property Tax on Real Estate Market


The Decisions on Issues Concerning the Improvement of Socialist Market Economic System approved by the Third Plenary Session of the 16th Party Central Committee pointed out that a unified and standard real property tax would be introduced for real properties when conditions permit.

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