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Household Register Reform: Experience, Lessons and Solutions


China's household register system is not only a population management system based on household register.

Adherence to the Managed Floating Exchange Rate Regime Is in the Interests of China


The monetary performance of a nation is finally determined by four external financial variables including monetary policy, financial supervision, microscopic behavior and exchange rate.

Major Tasks and Measures for Protecting Farmer-Workers' Rights and Interests during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period


Step up guidance and service to farmer-workers to work in urban areas and reasonably guide farmer-workers to work in eastern coastal regions and in large and medium-sized cities.

Strategies for China's Mineral Resources in the Course of Industrialization


Being vast in territory, China is a big producer, consumer and importer of mineral resources. With a rich aggregate, China's total of mineral resources ranks third in the world in terms of potential value.

Policy Options on Accelerating Development of China's Animation Industry


Animation has an important influence on Chinese teenagers.

China's High-Tech Service Industries: Status and Problems


Since the 1980s, the rapid development of knowledge economy has cultivated large numbers of high technologies and the service industry has become growingly knowledge-based and high technology-based.

Impact of China's Fiscal Transfer Payment on Inter-Regional Fiscal Resource Balance


Different natural conditions and different levels of economic development can cause a fiscal revenue imbalance between different regions.

China's Real Estate Market: Analysis of the Influence Exerted by the New Macro-control Policy and Relevant Policy Options


At the end of 2009, the Central Government successively unveiled a series of real estate macro-control policies aimed at containing speculation and the excessively fast price rise.

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