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Background and Features in the Formation of the Chinese Economy’s Growth Mode of "Low-Cost Competition"


A discussion on China’s road to industrialization or new industrialization is in essence a discussion on China’s modern economic growth.

Analysis of Economic Situation in 2005 and Forecast for 2006


The annual GDP growth rate increased 9.9%, year on year, showing 0.2 percentage points lower than the previous year, with the same growth level.

Earnestly Promoting Structural Adjustment and Stipulating Consumption Demand


In 2005, the GDP showed a trend of high and steady growth. The annual GDP reached 18.2321 trillion yuan calculated at comparable price, an increase of 9.9% year on year, which is slightly lower than the growth of 10.1% of 2004.

Analysis on Agriculture and Rural Economic Performance in 2005 and Policy Proposals Relating to Agriculture, Rural Areas and Farmers in 2006


According to preliminary statistics from the relevant departments, natural disasters in 2005 were more serious than the average level recorded since 1992.

The Prospect of Foreign Capital Utilization in 2006


The statistics given by the Ministry of Commerce indicate that in the first nine months of 2005, foreign direct investment across China continued a slightly downward trend that began at the beginning of the year.

Analysis of China’s Financial Power-Based Transfer Payment System and Suggestions on its Improvement


The financial power-based transfer payments are fiscal subsidies for promoting regional governments’ financial power, and are designed mainly to balance inter-regional financial disparities and equalize the inter-regional levels of public services.

Development Trend of Chinese Regional Disparities in Recent Years


Since China began reform over twenty years ago, its economy has posted continuous rapid growth. The living standard of Chinese people across all regions has consequently improved.

Strategic Thinking for Central China on Building Energy and Raw Material Bases and Developing Manufacturing Industry


Strengthening the construction of energy and major raw materials bases and accelerating the development of competitive manufacturing industry is an inherent requirement for the rise of China’s central region.

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