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Optimization of Export Structure ShouldBe Based uponthe Upgrade of Industrial Structure


Since the policy of reform and opening up was introduced, huge progress has been made in China's foreign trade, with total export volume increasing in a rapid and continuous manner and the share of manufactured goods, mechanical and electrical products and high-tech products in exports significantly raised.

The Judgment and Policy Suggestions by Enterprise Operators over Macro Economic Situation*


In the "Survey of Chinese Enterprise Operators 2006", the China Entrepreneurs Survey System, under the Human Resources Research and Training Centre of the Development Research Centre of the State Council sent out 13,000 copies of questionnaires on August 10, 2006 and collected 4,586 valid copies.

The Rising Proportion of Feed Grains Implicates Higher Food Security of China ——Also on feed grain raw material strategy


In a long period of time, the grain consumption in China will maintain at a basically stable level.

An Analysis ofFinancial Demands in China’s Rural Areas


As rural finance has been playing a key role in promoting bank deposits, allocating funds and diversifying risks, it has arousedgreat concernfrom various sectors and many reform measures have been introduced.

An Analysis of China’s Financial Industry since Opening-up


Since its accession to the WTO, China has made impressive progress in further opening its financial industry to the outside world.

Views on Deepening the Reform of Electric Power System in China


Since the State Council promulgated the reform plan of electric power system in 2002, the electric power system reform in China has made much progress.

Preliminary Analysis of the Present Situation and Mechanism of Enterprise TechnologicalInnovation in China


The Chinese enterprises have greatly increased their capacity in terms of products development and provision,but they have only limited amounts of competitive and highly profitable products.

An Analysis of the Characteristics of China’s Innovation System


A national innovation system is composed of the interacting organizations participating in the innovation as well as the external environment that has a bearing on the innovative activities.

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