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Public Administration and Human Resources

Independent Education Model of Shandong Dulangkou Middle School: Innovation and Enlightenment


Dulangkou Middle School in Chiping county of Liaocheng city in Shandong Province is a rural middle school with inadequate teaching facilities.

Actively Cultivate Self-Disciplined Mass Organizations and Promote Society's Self-Organization and Self-Management Level (No 166, 2015)


Society's self-organization and self-management is a main way of modern social governance.

Problems with China's Place Name Management in the New Era and Policy Options (No 156, 2015)


The main institutional factor is non-standard management over a long period.

China's Place Name Management: Connotations, Progress and Features (No 155, 2015)


A place name is a reference term for a geographical entity featured by a certain position, region, or property.

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