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The Management of International Talents in China: Characteristics and Suggestions(No.61, 2016)


After China’s economic development entered the state of new normal featured by a moderate growth, the growth momentum of the economy will change from a "demographic dividend" and "local-talents dividend"-based one to a "talents dividend" and "international-talents dividend"-based one.

Planning China’s Energy Security Strategy Based on the Concept of Green and Open Development(No.60, 2016)


In recent years, the demand for petroleum has been weak while supply remains quite sufficient, with oil price kept low in the international market.

Current Situation and Problems of Local Financial Regulation in China(No.58, 2016)


The financial regulatory obligation and organizational framework of various provinces in China show great differences.

Countermeasures and Suggestions on Improving the Efficiency of Local Financial Regulation(No.59, 2016)


The reform of local financial regulatory system should follow the market-orientated principle.

The Implementation of the Civil Code for the Protection of Animals and Environment: Pros and Cons of the Draft Civil Code(Special Issue No.21, 2016)


Animals and environmental protection require the Civil Code to make regulated management.

The Principles for Financial Regulatory Reform(No. 56, 2016)


Financial regulation is in line with macro-management and should follow some basic principles of management.

Policy Options on China’s Financial Holding Group Management(No.57, 2016)


There are two types of financial holding groups in China, which are commonly known as business type and non-business type (banks).

Policy Options on the Reform of China’s Financial Regulatory Framework(No.55, 2016)


For China’s financial regulation and management reform, some financial regulatory reform measures must be improved relating to financial development approach, risk awareness and government management model.