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Status Quo of China's Air Transport Industry and Remaining Issues (Special Issue No 39, 2015)


The aviation transport development level is a crucial indicator to measure a country's economic and social modernization degree.

Evaluation on Outcomes of Small-and-medium-sized Cities' Aviation Accessibility (Special Issue No 40, 2015)


To evaluate air transport accessibility of small-and-medium-sized cities, we take transport time from small-and-medium-sized cities .

International Experience and Inspirations on Regional Aviation Development (Special Issue No 41, 2015)


Through several decades of development, regional aviation industry in the US and Australia has become quite sophisticated.

Strategic Significance in Developing Regional Aviation in China (Special Issue No 42, 2015)


China's regional aviation development will face a series of golden opportunities.

Approach to Accelerating Development of China's Regional Airlines and Policy Options (Special Issue No 43, 2015)


In the near future, a strategic task for making China strong through civil aviation is to improve aviation accessibility and further accelerate development of regional airlines.

Huaxia Airlines Experiment on Improving Accessibility of Small and Medium-Sized Cities (Special Issue No 44, 2015)


China Express Airlines, also known as Huaxia Airlines, is currently the only private regional airline company in China.

China's Cross-border E-commerce Development and Policy Options (No 161)


China's cross-border e-commerce has maintained a rapid growth momentum in recent years.

Innovation Breakthrough: Why Shenzhen Performs Better? (No 160, 2015)


This paper attempts to explore the pattern of innovation and entrepreneurship.