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Farmers' cooperatives: Practice and inspirations frawn from China's Taiwan Province (No 62, 2015)


In China's Taiwan Province, Farmer's Association is the oldest comprehensive organization for farmers, boasting the widest coverage and the largest number of members.

Pilot practice of self-governance in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province (No 61, 2015)


In order to improve self-governance efficiency, a pilot practice has been made in some townships.

Trial practice on and basic approach towards the improvement of villagers' self-governance in Zhejiang Province (No 60, 2015)


The rapid development of urbanization and swift construction of new-type villages have exerted a great influence on geographical border, population composition, development form and management method.

Survey on new type of rural community governance in Xinxiang City (No 59, 2015)


Xinxiang has made efforts on developing new rural communities in rural and urban integration.

The financial system with an "extractive feature" and its detriment to innovation and economic growth (No 58, 2015)


The purpose of this paper is to make clear the negative effect mechanism yielded by the finance system with an extractive feature on innovation and economic growth.

Investigation on central government's special lottery ticket public welfare fund for support of old revolutionary base areas (No 57, 2015)


From the launching of poverty alleviation program in old revolutionary base areas in 2008 to the end of 12th Five-Year Plan period, the Central Government's special lottery ticket public welfare fund has been disbursed to 22 provinces and 421 counties with a total of 5.535 billion yuan.

Evolution and progress of innovation policy system in European Union (No 56, 2015)


European Union started the process of European integration in the 1950s and since then EU countries began to build a European innovation policy system.

How to effectively lower high interest rate in non-governmental organizations (No 55, 2015)


High interest has become an impediment to both the healthy development of non-government financial organizations such as small-loan companies, pawns and non-government capital management companies, as well as to the service efficiency provided to the real economy.