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Zhang Chenghui

Policy Options on the Reform of China’s Financial Regulatory Framework(No.55, 2016)


For China’s financial regulation and management reform, some financial regulatory reform measures must be improved relating to financial development approach, risk awareness and government management model.

UK Financial Supervision Reform: Relevant References and Enlightenments


The global financial crisis exposed the drawbacks of the tripartite model of financial regulation in the UK

Transition of Japanese Financial Regulatory System and its Implications(No.27, 2016)


This report gives a systematic analysis of the transition of Japanese financial regulatory system before the financial crisis

Japan economic transformation and asset bubbles


Economic transformation has some internal relation with asset bubbles and is likely to cause asset bubbles.

Financial infrastructure construction during the financial reform


Finance is a contract intensive industry that requires a good environment to protect the execution of contracts. Otherwise, trading risks will increase and affect the healthy development of the financial market.

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