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Chinese Government's Support for and Regulation on Nonprofit Scientific Research Organizations


The nonprofit scientific research organizations in China can be divided into two categories: public research institutions and private non-corporate research institutions.

Advancing the Formation of the Land Policy for Development Priority Zones


To this day, China still carries out the system of divisional governance in urban and rural areas with the government monopolizing the first-grade urban land market.

Overall Strategy for Regional Development and Advancing the Formation of the Development Priority Zones*


Regions are a carrier of the economic society, as well as a spatial form of co-existence and interaction between man and nature.

The Development Trend of Regional Disparity in China


Since the late 1970s, economic restructuring and fiscal decentralization, various regions have achieved high economic growth.

Capital Market System Risks and Impacts


A system risk of the capital market is one that has a universally harmful impact on a specific category of commodities of the capital market or on the capital market as a whole.

The New Round of Farm Product Price Hikes: Impacts and Suggestions


Farm products in China entered a new round of price fluctuations in the fourth quarter of 2006.

To Achieve Economic Balance Is the Fundamental Step to Prevent China's Economic Overheating


China's macroeconomic conditions are good on the whole. Nonetheless, there are some signs of an economic overheating.

Economic Performance in 2007 and Development Trend in 2008


In 2007, the Chinese economy maintained a steady and rapid development, with control over demand being further improved, supply further enhanced, aggregate balance continually ameliorated and the basis for keeping prices at a lower level being constantly bolstered.

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