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Working Papers

France’s Rising and the Role of Human Capital Factor(No 7, 2016)


It is noteworthy to noticethe reason why France could not establish a modern country in the process of competing for an early rising among big powers, but faced a lot of difficulties in the course of modern transformation.

The Human Capital Factor for German Rising(No 6, 2016)


Germany became a global strong industrial country in the middle-to-later period of the19th century.

Create an InstitutionalEnvironment for Maximizing Human Capital Value (No 5, 2016)


The United Kingdom was the first to realize industrialization in the world with global influence in the true sense.

Research on Russia’sRise and FallRelating to Human Capital Factors(Report No 4, 2016)


The rise of Russia started from the ninth century, experiencing three periods of rejuvenation, with human capital playing a major role in the course of history.

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